We are dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare by providing innovative data solutions that streamline workflows, enhance patient care, and drive revenue growth for healthcare providers.


Our vision is to automate healthcare processes, reduce redundancies, and optimize efficiency, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

Our Story

In their early years as healthcare professionals, the Founders grappled with the demanding nature of patient care, navigating a maze of insurance requirements and administrative complexities. As they confronted the challenges, they realized the pressing need for time to establish genuine connections with patients. Unfortunately, inefficient workflows and burdensome responsibilities eroded this valuable resource, resulting in hurried visits, missed family gatherings, and potential clinical errors. Faced with this unsustainable trajectory and its impact on patient outcomes, the Founders, during conversations over several occasions, conceived Januity at the onset of the pandemic. Januity emerged from a collective determination to streamline administrative processes, allowing healthcare professionals to refocus on meaningful patient relationships and quality care.

Januity streamlines intake and workflow to help reach clinics’ potential. Our vision is to give more meaningful face-to-face time back to patient care. Achieving this, we provide tools that enhance patients’ experiences and offer high-impact support for clinicians through data utilization. With a passionate, experienced team driving our vision, we’re at the forefront of healthcare transformation, anticipating commercialization in 2024. We aim to eliminate time and efficiency constraints in care delivery, contributing to a better future for healthcare.

Key Features

Exclusive Features for Efficient Healthcare Management

Seamless Patient Intake and Vital Sign Collection

Flexible Workflow Tailored to Practice Needs

Intuitive User Interface Customization

Seamless Integration with Electronic Health Records

Cost Reduction and Front Office Staff Optimization

Time-saving and Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

Increased Efficiency and Provider Well-being

Data Metrics for Continuous Quality Improvement

Staff Empowerment for Advanced Responsibilities

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