AJ Shergill

AJ, a veteran physician, brings over 15 years of rich experience to the healthcare and technology landscape. Starting as a hospital-based physician, he ascended to the role of associate medical director before transitioning to private practice, founding a successful medspa, and directing a 100-bed skilled nursing facility. AJ discovered his clinical passion in addressing addiction and mental health disorders within underserved communities, leading him to establish clinics across multiple states. Amid the pandemic, he advised health tech companies and fellow physicians on integrating emerging technologies. Driven by a commitment to enhance care delivery, he co-founded Januity, leveraging his diverse clinical background, business acumen, and insights into workflows to streamline processes and alleviate administrative burdens on physicians. For AJ, Januity represents a profound second calling, poised to positively impact healthcare delivery nationwide.

AJ Shergill, DO, MBA

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