Dipankar Ganguly

Dipu, our accomplished innovator, is a strategic healthcare leader with a remarkable legacy as the inventor and developer of the BladderScanner, setting the standard of care for bladder management with groundbreaking contributions in the field. With a proven track record of building and steering valuable companies at the forefront of pioneering technologies, Dipu specializes in digital health, wearables, and point-of-care devices across diverse medical fields such as diagnostic imaging, urology, ob-gyn, cardiology, oncology, neurology, and combined drug-device applications. With a keen focus on clinical and market needs, Dipu is passionate about translating scientific discoveries into the next generation of impactful health technology products. Renowned for creating market-driven Class I/II/III medical products, this high-bandwidth, hands-on innovator combines expertise in sensing, signal/image/data processing, and ML software-based devices with mobile technologies and cloud-based analytics. A pioneer in transforming research-focused teams into effective QSR-compliant product development organizations, Dipu has a strong history of attracting significant equity investments or orchestrating successful acquisitions.

Dipankar (Dipu) Ganguly

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